The Åland islands / Ahvenamaa

The Åland islands has always seemed so mysterious and interesting place to me. The Åland archipelago consists of more than 6,500 islands, but only few of these are habitable. Åland is an autonomous county whose habitants speak Swedish, but the archipelago itself belongs to Finland. Åland does not belong to European Union tax area, which… Continue Reading →

Iceland/ Island

Iceland was one of my dream countries for many years. At the end of the year 2017 I was finally able to fulfill my dream. Planning this trip was a bit difficult, because there were so many places we wanted to see, but there are few hours white time in Iceland in winter and the… Continue Reading →

New York City & Philadelphia

I used to have a kind of mixed feelings about New York City. It had been on top of my list of places I would like to visit for a long time. My hopes were up. I really love skyscrapers and was super excited to see the famous NYC high buildings. After my trip I… Continue Reading →


Scotland is really pretty country with its picture perfect nature and old buildings. Scotland has approximately 790 islands, only 130 of which are inhabited. Scotland is well-known thanks to the famous Loch Ness lake and the monster who should live there. At least I remember the stories of the Loch Ness Monster from the English classes… Continue Reading →

Greece /Kreeka

Greece is a perfect vacation destination since it has something to offer for everyone. It has history, beautiful nature, perfect beaches with crystal clear water, pretty mountains, tasteful food (specially Greek salad), friendly and helpful locals, amazing wine, many museums, hundreds of archaeological sites, sunny weather all year round, thousands of islands (6,000 islands to… Continue Reading →

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