Menorca is an island in the Mediterranean sea which belongs to Spain. Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands. Menorca is a bit less known than its neighbor island Ibiza and Mallorca. This makes it a bit quieter and calmer place with not so many tourists. Menorca is a perfect destination for families with children.... Continue Reading →


Mallorca is my favorite place in the world! I have visited several times and I am amazed at how I still discover something new every time. The nature, people, food, sun, beaches, cliffs, mountains, blue water, palm trees, warm weather – everything is just wonderful. Mallorca has a well-functioning public transportation system. I recommend renting... Continue Reading →

Peterburi / St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the largest European metropolitan cities. St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia for over 200 years (1712-1728 and 1732-1918). St. Petersburg is the second largest city after Moscow in Russia and the largest in the Baltic sea. It is the closest „city of a million“ to Estonia. Peterburi on üks... Continue Reading →


Visby is the largest city in the Swedish island of Gotland. The area of the city is 12.08 km² and the population is about 22,000. Visby’s name comes from the ancient words Vi and By. Vi means sacrificial place and By means village. Visby is the best-preserved medieval town in Scandinavia and it is a... Continue Reading →


Last time I went to Vilnius, I decided to make a small trip to Bialystok, Poland. I had never visited Poland before. I decided to go to Bilalystok because it is the biggest closest Polish city to Lithuania. Bilaystok is a transit city in Poland, where people usually drive through when they are traveling in... Continue Reading →

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